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40 minutes



[What is beeswax]
Beeswax is a wax that bees secrete from glands in the abdomen of worker bees as a material for making hexagonal hives. The beeswax sheets are embossed with honeycomb-like hexagons to make them easier to handle. Originally for beekeeping. . A beeswax sheet is stretched over the beehive frame so that the bees can make regular hexagonal burrows.
<Beeswax candle>
Beeswax candles are candles made from 100% beeswax. It is made by wrapping the nest around the wick. It has been used since ancient times, and the beginning of candles is said to be beeswax candles. Honeybees have been used as candles because they secrete "wax" from their abdomens to make waterproof nests that store nectar.

[Experience contents]
・Make 3 pieces per person.
・Experience time about 40 minutes
・Japanese flower honey tasting
・Honey lemon juice
・Transfer to the nearest station

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